Dec 4, 2009

Tool Around

Thanksgiving was our power tool sandwich. We ordered a cordless drill on the morning of, and a tile saw a couple days after. We didn't plan these new purchases but saw some deals we couldn't refuse.
Image courtesy of Lowe's

We've been looking at drills for weeks, maybe even months now, to replace our beloved 12 volt Makita cordless drill (you can spot it here and here). Both batteries have died and no longer hold a charge. At all. We've been doing all our screwing and unscrewing by hand. And when we can't, we resort to nailing. This is making life around the home difficult. Not to mention we can't drill holes at all. We were planning on buying another Makita, as we're big fans of the brand (did you know that they are used in space by NASA?), but we saw a deal on Thanksgiving morning, on Lowe's website ($99) for a DeWalt drill that still kicks our outdated dead drill's butt. And couldn't refuse.
Image courtesy of Home Depot

On Cyber Monday (is this a new term this year I don't recall hearing it before), I saw a deal on a wet tile saw ($99.88 - half off, and cheaper than renting) with 4.5 star reviews on Home Depot's website. To be honest, I wasn't shopping for one, but our next big project will be the master bath. And even though we don't know yet what the plans are for that room, it most certainly involves tile (and therefore tile cutting).

Oooh I can't wait for the new gadgets to arrive (I just tracked the packages and the drill is scheduled to arrive TODAY!). Did you score any awesome deals? Are you awaiting fun toys to arrive on your doorstep? Do tell.

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