Dec 21, 2009

See in New Night Light

Today is the shortest day of the year. That means it is the darkest day of the year (technically, not metaphorically). So naturally, I think about nighttime lighting in the bathroom. Don't you?

None of our 3 bathrooms have natural lighting due to a lack of windows. So I put nightlights in each of them, big deal right? Here are the ones I got:
Image from Home Depot

I figured since they lighted the bathroom enough that they'd be fine. And they are. But then I discovered my anal retentiveness in regards to my night-lighting needs and these no longer fit the bill (since I opened them, I couldn't return them. So I gave them away to a friend who did like them). Shall I list my very specific lighting needs?
  1. Must be incandescent or energy-saving LED (I'm not willing to have this tiny thing be an energy waster)
  2. Must have an automatic sensor (who's seriously going to turn this thing on each night?)
  3. Must have a small footprint (I don't want it to interfere with the second outlet)
  4. Must point light downward as not be harsh on the eyes (who wants to be blinded during a mid-night potty break?)
  5. Must be decent looking (these are going to be a fixture in all 3 bathrooms)
  6. Must be under $5 each (because I have 3 bathrooms. And better things to spend money on)
So this became a mission. And surprisingly hard to accomplish. There was no selection in any of the hardware stores (and I went to several). And here's the best I could find online (in order of preference):

Image found here

This one is very close to being perfect. It lays pretty flat against the wall, occupies 1 electrical outlet, under $5, and shines down, however it also shines up.

Image found here

This fulfills all my requirements but it sticks too far out from the wall.

Image found here

This one fulfills all but 1 requirement and at the same time has a bonus. I really like the little clock, that's pretty convenient. But that clock runs on a battery which will require replacing at some point, and I'm sure it won't be easy to find. And I don't want to deal with looking at a clock that's not running. And then I'll always think of the night light as only half working. And it's also expensive!

Since my best online findings were a big failure, are you wondering what I did to deal with my nocturnal loo lighting?

Well I actually found some decent ones at Wal-Mart, of all places. Although they do not perform any bonus functions, and aren't the most gorgeous lighting contraptions available, they didn't break the bank and I could finally be done with this ridiculous mission I created for myself.

Have you been overly picky for something rather insignificant? Given a higher priority for something most would consider barely a priority at all? Am I on crazy pills again?

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  1. This is a pretty old post, I know, but I'm looking for a night-time light that won't 'wake me up' when I go to use the bathroom. The one that points downward might work out... will see if that's available near me.