Dec 8, 2009

Wish List

Each year for the past several years, we've requested no gifts for the holidays. Why? Well here, let me list the reasons, I love any opportunity for a list:
  1. We don't live near any family, so everything would have to be shipped
  2. Space is precious and limited (especially when we still lived in the apartment) so we don't need any more 'stuff'
  3. This automatically eliminates any possible stress (did I mention I hate shopping?) on what to get us
  4. This saves everyone money (we couldn't be happy knowing our gifts are breaking our loves ones' banks)
  5. If gifts are a must we've suggested options of consumable items, handmade items, or inexpensive items
  6. This directs the holiday's focus on the more important things rather than the materialistic, like sending a card with a nice message that we are missed and loved
  7. And if a card was forgotten, a phone call would make us just as happy
  8. Cash. We will accept cold hard cash. Just kidding. Or are we?
Since we've started this tradition of breaking tradition, we've received handmade items, food baskets, wine. And everyone has been on board with the idea!

Even though we request no gifts, it doesn't mean we don't like to dream. Here is my wish list of items I need or would love to have! Uh oh, I sense a list forming:

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  1. Bathroom vent because the one in the powder room is about to die any minute now, and it would be nice to upgrade to an integrated light
  2. Pendant chandelier to replace the ancient one in our stairway
  3. 2 storage ottomans to replace our coffee table which is heavy and bulky
  4. TV console because ours is currently too low and Rylie has gnawed on the edges (thanks Rylie)
  5. 3 bar stools to replace the ones that I sold. These have a smaller footprint.
  6. Lever for the entryway door to the garage, it's the only one left in the house to switch out
  7. Dimmable CFL bulbs for the chandelier in the dining room, surprisingly expensive and hard to find
  8. Area rug for the living room that actually matches stuff and didn't come from a dead guy's house (we bought our current one at an estate sale where the homeowner passed away)
  9. Buffet/sideboard/credenza/server/console/bar cabinet to store infrequently used kitchen things that are currently in the back of the coat closet
  10. Electric hedge trimmer to keep the Creeping Fig in check
  11. Roundup to show Creeping Fig who's boss
  12. Power core aerator to loosen our compacted lawn (thanks dogs)
  13. Soil pH and moisture tester to know what amendments our lawn needs
  14. Fireplace draft stop balloon to well, stop drafts
  15. Latex Window Glazing, because if you haven't noticed it's really drafty here
  16. Caulking gun to apply said glazing
  17. mailbox and new post because our mail box is rusty and won't close all the way and attached to a post that is hanging onto a retaining wall by 1 loose nail
  18. A hard-sided cooler with drain plug to keep beers in during parties, and to keep our food in at flyball tournaments
  19. Chiminea or outdoor fireplace because the firepit is really smokey on windy nights
  20. More solar lights
  21. Outdoor lights over our garage
  22. An integrated hose and reel for the front spigot, so I can stop toting the one from the back
  23. Artificial grass for the incline
  24. Wheelbarrow for future lawn redo and possibly to cart around a dog or two around the neighborhoods so that we can cement our role as the neighborhood dog freaks
What's on your wish list? It's fun to come up with one even if no one reads it...

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