Dec 3, 2009


This Thanksgiving, I realized what I'm thankful for:

1. Not having a dead hummingbird in my freezer. I buried him and the katydid before the baby shower:

2. Not having a fridge in the living room:

3. Having a range that is actually hooked up:

4. No musty concrete floors (or stinky chemicals applied to them):

5. No exposed live wires or studs:

6. A drywall dust-free living environment:

7. Having a dining table that no longer looks like this:

8. Not cooking in the powder room:

9. And most of all... not washing dishes in the (upstairs) bathtub:

Although I never cooked a Thanksgiving meal in the old kitchen, or in any kitchen - I'm glad I was able to do it in the new one and make enough food to feed several people. How about y'all?

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