Nov 20, 2009

House Decency - part 7

A huge home urgency is the kitchen is when you are without one. Ironically, once it is to a completely functional state, the details become hardly a priority at all. For over 6 months.

On our list for the kitchen:

1. Filler strips for the gaps on each side of the dishwasher

When we installed the dishwasher, we pretty much just plugged it in and rolled it into place. There were gaps on either side that exposed the insulation surrounding the exterior. We could just remove the insulation so it would be more inconspicuous, but then it wouldn't be as quiet or as heat efficient. So we rolled out the dishwasher, ripped some filler strips, installed with metal brackets behind them, and wheeled the dishwasher back into place. I think it gives a more polished look. No?

2. Install dishwasher air gap

Technically, our dishwasher model doesn't require it (I think most newer dishwashers don't). But it's always a good idea to build and install to code, so when you decide to sell, you won't have to explain or argue this. Just do it. And plan for it (we had an extra hole cut in the granite for it, during the installation). An air gap connects between the dishwasher to the disposer and prevents dirty drain water from backing up into the appliance. To install, connect a flexible hose from the dishwasher drain to the disposer's inlet (or if you don't have a disposer, to the sink's drain trap). You can also form the hose into a high arc for bonus points or if you're not using an air gap but want to take precaution.

3. Install last cabinet filler strip above fridge

I've been pondering what to do with this last gap. Ideally it would be functional, squeezing one last bit of storage out of this tiny kitchen. The only thing I've been able to think of is a place to put cookbooks, but books are heavy. And making this little sliver of a space strong enough to hold heavy books while keeping all brackets and hardware discreet would be a challenge. So for now, we wedged a piece of filler strip there. Should we keep it like this? Any other ideas?

4. Mount ice maker water filter

It was just lying in the back of the sink cabinet. It came with mounting brackets, so why not use them and get it out of the way?

5. Install toe kick under base cabinets

You may have noticed from the icemaker waterline installation that we hadn't put in the toe kick. It just wasn't a high priority. But had we done it right after we installed the waterline to the freezer, I'm sure there wouldn't be massive dust bunnies under there. Or the random garlic clove. Or baby carrot. Or two.

6. Burial for found creatures

While doing said home projects, I discovered a dead green leaf bug in the garage (I think it's called a Katydid). I took this opportunity to bury him, along with the hummingbird that's been in our freezer for 9 months. I put the 2 together in the deep hole left by the For Sale post in our front lawn. I hope that hummingbirds and katydids get along...

So now the kitchen is complete. Almost. I would deem it 99.5% finished. The last 2 things to do are install crown molding and some corner shelves. We have the materials for both projects, it's just figuring out how and when to do this...

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