Nov 30, 2009

Baby Bash - part 1

After all the house prep, it was time for party prep. I'm not one to go crazy with decorations, I like to keep things sensible and practical. So I decided on decor that became useful gifts:

This is a towel cake, a spin on the diaper cake. Why didn't I do a diaper cake? The mother-to-be is going to use disposable diapers instead of cloth. And using disposable diapers seemed unsanitary as they cannot be washed before use.

Plus who couldn't use towels? They can be wash cloths, burp cloths, cleaning rags, snot rags, butt wipes, whatever! I actually put 4 hand towels in the middle of the bottom tier, as filler and for variety. And sort of a little surprise when it's being taken apart.

I also strung up various sized onesies between 2 curtain rods. If I had paid more attention to detail, I would have taken down the clock and painting behind it. Don't judge me.

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