Dec 1, 2009

Baby Bash - part 2

I know what you're thinking from yesterday's post, "that was it for decorations?" and the answer is no. Tough crowd!

I created some banners using construction paper. I have no idea why I had a stack of pink construction paper but this was a good use for it! And after the party, they will go into the recycle bin.

I used curling ribbon to string through the banner and decided to put some curls on the chandelier over the food table. These can be used again for holiday gifts next month. Or maybe they'll go back up on the chandelier again.

Flowers were a must and of course I like to ravage my garden for this very purpose. I also asked my co-host and guest of honor, to bring samples from their gardens as well. That's the beauty of having outdoor plants! And I cleaned out various glass jars and stuck the snippets in them.

This looks like an expensive bouquet but it's all homegrown (not all by me of course). It is Mexican Sage, Oleander and some red berries growing on a tree outside. Anyone know what it is? Birds like to pick at it, does that help with the identification?

And of course, I'm an equal opportunity garden snipper so I used some greens as well. This is from my Japanese Aralia, also known as Rylie's bush (because she likes to sleep under it). Don't they look exotic?

That's pretty much wraps up my easy and green decor. Simple. Practical. Do you have ideas to share?

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