Dec 28, 2009

Fancy-Pants Living

The holiday season is a time for splurging and living the life. It's a time of using your good dishes (or in my case, just matching dishes), buying good wines, and no limits for calorie consumption. It's fancy living to the fullest!

But why should treating yourself to some finer things in life be limited to the holiday season? [insert big shrug here] Here are a few small ways I keep on living fancy year round:

Snip some fresh flowers or greenery from the garden. Free and fancy!

Use cloth napkins. Could be free if you made them yourself using scrap fabric. And definitely will save you money in the long run. Definitely green! And fancy!

Keep a bowl of fresh fruit. It's nutritious. It adds color to your home. And becomes an instant centerpiece. You can look at it and then eat it. What's not to like?

Snag a lemon from said fruit bowl and put a slice in your water. Instant fancy!

Got any more fancy living tips that anyone can achieve?

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