Dec 29, 2009

Not Junk in Your Trunk

I'm a slight grease monkey, I enjoy working on cars and in the garage. It's just like house stuff but with cars, right?

Recently, I posted a tutorial series on replacing your own rotors in your car (part 1, 2, 3), and showed how I keep mine looking purdy as well. But here's something important and ridiculously easy that you could (and should) go out and do right now if not already!

Make sure you have a spare tire in your trunk. And be sure it's not flat!

Keep tools to change your flat tire, with your flat tire (in the pouch at far left). With them I also keep bungee cables and rope, and a pair of jumper cables (in the black case at right).

Here's a better look at said tools (jack, wrench)

Fluids (left to right): antifreeze (also known as coolant), motor oil, transmission oil

Some people keep windshield washer fluid in their trunk. I choose not to, since it just rolls around and isn't imperative. I also find blankets and water and flares a little unnecessary for my needs.

Do you keep extra car fluids in your trunk already?

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