Jan 19, 2009

Pawtograph anyone?

We spend our Saturday mornings on our dogs, Karma and Rylie (can you say spoiled b*tches). We take them to flyball practice at a local park with the rest of the team (canines with human counterparts). Our gals are high energy dogs, and we find this mentally wears them out and they spend the rest of the day sleeping, as very satisfied pooches. Once in a while we take them to tournaments, and occasionally the team performs demos for various events. In October, we did a demo for Nickelodeon's Worldwide FIDO awards as a sort of halftime entertainment. We spent Thursday preparing to film on Friday, to air that Sunday. Fred Willard hosted and the building was full of excitable four legged pooches and already excited kids.

We had to fill out union paperwork as "background actors," had our own green room (nothing fancy), and were offered hair and make up services (for dogs and humans). The dogs performed flawlessly, despite the camera, lights, and crowd. All that time resulted in only 20 seconds of run time, but the dogs had a lot of fun. And we can call ourselves background actors. And we got free t-shirts.

Jan 9, 2009

HGBG Begins!

After our third considerable rent increase in two years and the addition of a high energy dog in our one bedroom apartment, we decided to start searching for something more permanent. After looking at about a dozen properties, signing stacks of papers, and dreaming of this house's great potential, this became our first home! We felt our dog Karma, deserved it.

Since then, we've acquired another furry family addition (Rylie), began tacking all kinds of projects (some big , some small, some that borderline insanity) and learning about things we never thought we'd learn along the way.

Here are photos from our first visit to the house back in August 2008.

Jan 8, 2009


We are first time homeowners trying to keep up with our home projects list which is growing faster than creeping fig on stucco walls. This chronicles us being totally owned by our home and our two crazy pups!