Apr 30, 2010

Choking it Down

I love artichokes, look at these beauties I bought:

Not only are they pretty, they're a power food. If I were a food, I'd definitely want to be a POWER food, wouldn't you? It's in the top 10 detox foods (I think spinach and blueberries are up there as well). It promotes liver health and and soothes digestive issues like nausea (I should have devoured one of these before this incident). And for funsies, here's some trivia: Marilyn Monroe was crowned the first California Artichoke Queen in 1949.

Any good artichoke recipes to share*? Recommended dipping sauces? Recommended cooking methods? I got another pair that needs to be in my belly soon!

*while searching for artichoke recipes I came across
this**. The named cracked me up. And it should you as well.

**after looking up what that is, I came across this. Goatfish? Surmullet? And of course that led me to this. Mullidae (great band name if you ask me)? I don't know who named the mullus but it should have been named the rat-tail-growing-on-chinnus. WTF is up with these weird names that crack me up? And to think I started this post with artichokes, the fun never stops! Does anyone else find this funny or do I need to quit my early morning drinking?

Apr 28, 2010

Bargaining Chips

After a trip to the store:

I normally don't get potato chips but these are an exception. They are kettle cooked. And salt and vinegar. And big time yum. And I had a coupon. I am ashamed to admit that these 2 bags lasted less than a week, 99% eaten by just me.

After these 13 items, the grocery bill came to $22.93 which seems pretty good considering a bag of shrimp and 4, count them - 4 avocados.

Potato chips are definitely my weakness. What's yours?

Apr 27, 2010


Guess who spent the weekend with us? One of the chillest border collies ever, Cap (short for 'Cool kickin' it Cap' at least in this house)!

This was his birthday weekend so we started off with a nice walk to the pet store:

It's a good thing he doesn't have sharp teeth, he's a snapper! Or just really excited to celebrate his 12th year!

Here he is keeping me from my coffee:

Of all the places to hang out, Cap picks the kitchen. Our very tiny kitchen. And of course in front of the one spot I needed to reach...

Maybe the problem was that he needed coffee too?

The weather had warmed up in the afternoon so naturally - it was time for doggy ice cream!

Who needs cake?

Karma is enjoying Cap turning 12...

Who's 12? What's 12? Who cares, I got frosty paws...

All the pooches enjoying the cold treat. Not sure why they aren't relaxing and lounging?

Cap polished off his treat. And then some. Hey, it's his party and he can eat the cup if he wants to!

I even filled the doggy pool but Karma was the only one to use it. Cap and Rylie just drank from it.

We concluded the pooch party with some ball playing. Here are El Capitan's conquests.

Cap was here.

I think he had a good time, wouldn't you agree?

Apr 23, 2010

Runs in the Family

We often get asked if Karma and Rylie are both from the same litter because they look alike (actually, they look quite different even aside from their colors) because they are the same breed. Imagine that! So here's a list of Karma vs. Rylie:
  • Karma eats poop; Rylie does not
  • Karma eats fruit; Rylie doesn't really
  • Karma does not eat Cosequin tablets; Rylie devours them
  • Karma eats slowly, 1 kibble at a time; Rylie inhales everything but the dish
  • Karma drinks a lot, and pees a lot; Rylie poops a lot
  • Karma marks everything with her urine; Rylie licks everything with her tongue, including interior walls and fire hydrants
  • Karma barks at men and is weary of strangers; Rylie loves them more than she loves us
  • Karma has a rat tail; Rylie has a super fluffy one
  • Karma becomes dead to the world when she sleeps on our bed; Rylie gets pissed when someone breathes and will jump off the bed
  • Karma is only interested in toys when they include human interaction; Rylie is interested in making anything a toy (socks, blankets, dog beds, pinecones)
  • Karma hates having her nails trimmed; Rylie falls asleep while hers are being trimmed, even if you hit the quick
  • Karma only wants to be outside if humans are; Rylie loves outdoor freedom
  • Karma's licks are gentle and frequent; Rylie gives few licks that take your face off
But after seeing this, I believe these two are one in the same:

What do you think?

Apr 21, 2010

Lounging Lizard

Apparently I am a collector. Of critters. Critters big and small, mammals and reptiles, warm and cold blooded. And squirrels and lizards. Because look what moved in today:

Actually I think he's been hanging around since this weekend but was just too shy to make an appearance. Rylie sniffed him and Karma stomped on him (he was ok because he still scurried around).

What do lizards eat? What does it's poop look like? Does it need a heat lamp? Does it cuddle? What to do with it? And what to call it? He sort of looks like a Jimi to me...

Apr 13, 2010

Hendrix Lives

On our evening walk with the dogs on Monday, we saw a lump in the middle of the road at the end of a cul-de-sac. I thought it was roadkill. I held the dogs while the bf went to check it out. To our surprise, as he got close, the tiny lifeless lump lifted it's head and squawked like a bird. It was crying out for help...

So he (the bf, not the injured squirrel) ran back home to grab a cardboard box and gloves while I tied the dogs to a fire hydrant and stood over the creature (he was in the middle of the road remember).

When we got the furry critter home we discovered a gash under its arm, and we warmed up a heating pad wrapped in a soft t-shirt and put it in with the little guy in the box. Meanwhile, we were calling the animal shelter who referred us to a volunteer wildlife rescue organization and we immediately headed out there.

Here is Hendrix (that's what we named him):

When we arrived, the wildlife rehabilitation volunteer immediately put him in quarantine and in a warm area. She soon delivered some pain medication for the deep wound and fed him some formula. She informed us that he is a 5 week old baby fox squirrel with a deep laceration under his arm (to the bone deep, ouch!). He must have fallen out of his tree nest or was snatched and dropped by a crow.

He's not able to regulate his body temperature yet so relies on his mother to keep him warm. If a baby squirrel is injured or cold, the mother may abandon it. So we like to believe that we saved his life. He would have died of hypothermia, been hit by a car, or eaten by a predator.

We were updated that her* laceration has been mended by a vet, and she is now in long term rehabilitation care with a squirrel specialist. Who then updated us that he's** extremely frightened but is in good care and even has been given a 'brother' squirrel to help with his recovery.

We hope that he can be released on our property when he is fully recovered!

*this made us laugh that Hendrix was a 'she'
**this made us confused. But we believe the squirrel specialist that Hendrix is a 'he'

Apr 12, 2010

Park It

X marks the spot:

My parking spot. In my garage:

Granted, I can park without this indicator but it's just so much quicker this way. I line up the steering wheel up to the mark on the wall and put her in "P" and I'm done.

Without the mark, I just inch my way closer and closer to the spare propane tank until I get too nervous to get any closer. I could move the propane tank but that would be too logical.

Do you guys have some sort of visual indicator as well?

Apr 9, 2010

Seven Year Itch

I have eczema, gross (name that movie). I've had it about 7 years, probably a little longer. Unlike most people who develop this in childhood and grow out of it, I grew into it as an adult.

As much fun as it is to say I'm on the juice and using words like "roids" - I hate using steroidal creams. It makes my skin papery and weird. So I'm always trying out different creams and lotions.

This one came as a recommendation from someone who also has eczema and has worked really well for them:

Unfortunately for me, it didn't treat my condition but it did leave me in the mood for baked goods each night!

I call it my magical goo. If you have any recommendations, let me know!