Apr 23, 2010

Runs in the Family

We often get asked if Karma and Rylie are both from the same litter because they look alike (actually, they look quite different even aside from their colors) because they are the same breed. Imagine that! So here's a list of Karma vs. Rylie:
  • Karma eats poop; Rylie does not
  • Karma eats fruit; Rylie doesn't really
  • Karma does not eat Cosequin tablets; Rylie devours them
  • Karma eats slowly, 1 kibble at a time; Rylie inhales everything but the dish
  • Karma drinks a lot, and pees a lot; Rylie poops a lot
  • Karma marks everything with her urine; Rylie licks everything with her tongue, including interior walls and fire hydrants
  • Karma barks at men and is weary of strangers; Rylie loves them more than she loves us
  • Karma has a rat tail; Rylie has a super fluffy one
  • Karma becomes dead to the world when she sleeps on our bed; Rylie gets pissed when someone breathes and will jump off the bed
  • Karma is only interested in toys when they include human interaction; Rylie is interested in making anything a toy (socks, blankets, dog beds, pinecones)
  • Karma hates having her nails trimmed; Rylie falls asleep while hers are being trimmed, even if you hit the quick
  • Karma only wants to be outside if humans are; Rylie loves outdoor freedom
  • Karma's licks are gentle and frequent; Rylie gives few licks that take your face off
But after seeing this, I believe these two are one in the same:

What do you think?

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