Apr 27, 2010


Guess who spent the weekend with us? One of the chillest border collies ever, Cap (short for 'Cool kickin' it Cap' at least in this house)!

This was his birthday weekend so we started off with a nice walk to the pet store:

It's a good thing he doesn't have sharp teeth, he's a snapper! Or just really excited to celebrate his 12th year!

Here he is keeping me from my coffee:

Of all the places to hang out, Cap picks the kitchen. Our very tiny kitchen. And of course in front of the one spot I needed to reach...

Maybe the problem was that he needed coffee too?

The weather had warmed up in the afternoon so naturally - it was time for doggy ice cream!

Who needs cake?

Karma is enjoying Cap turning 12...

Who's 12? What's 12? Who cares, I got frosty paws...

All the pooches enjoying the cold treat. Not sure why they aren't relaxing and lounging?

Cap polished off his treat. And then some. Hey, it's his party and he can eat the cup if he wants to!

I even filled the doggy pool but Karma was the only one to use it. Cap and Rylie just drank from it.

We concluded the pooch party with some ball playing. Here are El Capitan's conquests.

Cap was here.

I think he had a good time, wouldn't you agree?

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