Dec 23, 2009

Xmas 2

I already posted about our little artificial apartment tree, but we have a full size semi-real looking artificial tree as well :

It's not all fancy and department store display worthy. But I somehow like the simplicity of it and how you can see more tree than decorations. It has almost all the essentials: garland, candy canes, tree skirt, some sentimental ornaments and a couple of gifts. One year I was a little fancy and found some Christmas crackers at a steal. Although we are technically missing a topper, I don't really think it needs it. The small tree doesn't have one either.

This is actually the first time we have gifts under this tree (granted it's only the second year we've had it), we usually request no gifts from friends and family. As you can see, some are a bit stubborn :)

How about your tree? What's the decoration to tree ratio? Topper or naked? Candy canes or none?

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