Dec 17, 2009

Over the Counter

For me, counter space is always rare and at a premium. Whatever is kept out on the counter must be pretty crucial to have such valuable real estate. So I like to see what other people keep on their counters, it's like peeking into their purse (or wallet).

Things people leave out on the counters include oil and vinegar, cereal, flour, sugar, coffee, tea, etc. So here, let me offer you a look at mine:

Left to right: balsamic vinegar, olive oil, pepper mill, infused olive oils solely for looks

Ceramic bowl with lid with garlic, onion, ginger, potatoes

Left to right: walnuts, brown rice, white rice, pasta

What does it say about me? That I'm on the Atkins diet? Or that I should be? Maybe I should empty everything in those canisters and do this? What do you guys keep out on your counters?

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