Nov 9, 2009

House Decency

We are having a celebration this weekend for parents-to-be Brandon and Yuan! And it's going to be at our house. So that meant a lot of de-ghettofying had to be done.

Here's what our to-do list was at the start of the weekend:

  1. Get a new coffeemaker so that we can get this list done (I broke the carafe to the existing one. Note to self, granite is harder than glass. That's why I got a stainless steel one, see above)
  2. Electrical work to install new GFCi outlet in powder room, guest bath, new rocker switches and new GFCi outlet in kitchen
  3. Drywall repair to fix hole in wall behind garage entry door from the door knob (caused by us freaking out during this incident)
  4. Patch up various nail holes and wall dings
  5. Texturize over said patch ups
  6. Paint over said patch ups, and touch ups throughout the house
  7. Caulking under bar counter corbels
  8. Rip and install toe kick along base cabinets in kitchen
  9. Rip and install filler strips in kitchen
  10. Install dishwasher air gap hose
  11. Mount water filter connected to ice maker
  12. Strip, stain, refinish bar stool #2 (here is stool #1)
  13. Attack creeping fig as much as possible
  14. Trim New Zealand Flax along driveway
  15. Prime and paint 2 side tables
  16. Clean fireplace
  17. Sweep up patio
  18. Rake leaves
And of course general cleaning. We didn't accomplish everything on that list but we did quite a bit. And of course we encountered some things along the way (what home project would be complete without some unexpected hurdles?), like wiring the guest bath wrong so that it controlled the garage electricity as well. And then fixing it only to blow a circuit breaker. And then going to get a new one and discovering how expensive those suckers are!

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