Nov 3, 2009

Dung It

This post is about excrement (doggy doo - excited?). And more specifically, how I choose to bag it. If you have read this post and this post, then you would certainly understand this post.

I don't buy poop bags because I'm cheap. And it's just money into the trash (I was going to say down the drain but that wouldn't be technically correct). So I reuse existing bags that otherwise would go into a landfill empty.

  1. Newspaper bag (I shred and toss the newspaper into the compost)
  2. Small shopping bag from Jo-Ann (watch out for those cut out handles!)
  3. Bag that SOLO plastic cups come in
  4. Bag that Rite Aid plastic cups come in
  5. Bag that Shoppers Value plastic cups come in
  6. Hardware store bag that hold nuts, bolts, screws (extra tough but a little too short to tie big poo)

  1. Bread bag (long and sturdy for those messy poops that require pulling up grass with it)
  2. Tortilla bag (not quite long enough to tie easily, so reserve this for little dry turdlets that can be contained with that thin ziplock seal)
  3. English muffin bag (a slimmer version of the bread bag)
  4. Shredded carrots bag (same use as tortilla bag, see #2! No pun intended)
  5. Produce bag (this is the ultimate, it will never fail you if you snag them unused. They're long and can be stuffed easily into your pocket and have a large capacity. One of these suckers can rid a whole yard of well-formed-excrement in one go. The only downside is that they are clear so if you are on a walk, others will see the lovely contents you are toting around.)
With 4 dogs here for a week, that meant a lot of poop at various times of the day in assorted sizes, shapes, colors and smells. So I got creative with my turd baggage. If you have any other suggestions, let me know - gosh dung it!


  1. This article is cracking me up! I totally understand this. I don't want to pay a penny for poop bags! I usually use regular shopping bags and never thought about using bread bags or tortilla bags. Thanks for the good ideas!

  2. I've rated regular shopping bags before too. Glad this post helped. Happy poop picking!

  3. I used a bread bag today! I felt good about it! hehehe...