Jul 8, 2009

Bag Lady (part 1)

I try to bring my own canvas bags (for obvious reasons) to the grocery store but often times forget. Since grocery shopping is my addiction, they easily accumulate in this household. Not all plastic bags are created equal - some are larger, some are stronger, and some just look nicer.

My favorite plastic store bags, in order of preference are (including stores where errands are run for good measure):
  1. Whole Foods (strongest, and large capacity)
  2. Fresh and Easy (ranked 2nd because Whole Foods has been around longer, it only seemed fair)
  3. Target (large capacity, decent strength, and I like the red target pattern)
  4. World Market (can have large capacity, but mostly because I like the pattern)
  5. Wal-Mart (stronger than it looks)
  6. Gelsons (strong, large capacity)
  7. Vons (this is where my list takes a dramatic dip because of being prone to holes and small capacity)
  8. Ralphs (holes, small capacity, ugly logo)
  9. Albertsons (holes, small capacity, and falls last on the list because these make up the majority in this house and I'm sick of looking at them)
Trader Joe's is also another place I frequent but they do not offer plastic bags, and aside from the obvious 2 categories in which all paper bags fall in (with handles, without handles), I find them to be rather equal.

Was this a good review?


  1. You crack me up. I dislike the Vons. Ralphs, and Albertsons bags.... discovering that your poop bag has a hole in it should never have to happen!!!!!

  2. Since they suck so badly they always double bag, but why not just maker better bags to begin with?