Jul 15, 2009

Watering Holes

I have a strawberry pot but do not grow strawberries in them (or anywhere else), so instead I planted succulents in the pot. The biggest problem with this pot is that the water spills out the side openings, creating a mess and not doing a good job of watering.

I took a leftover piece of PVC pipe that is about the same height as the pot and drilled holes down the entire length:

Then I stuck it straight down the center of the planted pot:

If I were going for style points I would trim the top portion off so it would not be visible. But I simply do not care, I'm just glad to be able to use this pot and get my plants watered. And the water spillage is not the pot or tube's fault, I was just sloppy.

Do you have any gardening tricks to share? Do tell.

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