Jul 14, 2009

It's Curtains

Now that it's getting hot, I've decided it would be nice to block the sun from the main/biggest sources in our home: the 2 sliding doors.

After months of living with these doors, I am aware of how frequently they are used and decided to go with grommet curtains for their sliding ease.

After 1 dreaded trip to Ikea (I love/hate that place, love the prices but hate hate hate the experience), I got all that was needed to do the job:

(VĂ…GEN curtain rods $9.99, the longest length I could find there)

(MERETE curtains in brown $39.99, in the shorter length)

After measuring 3 times and marking the spots, we drilled holes and put in wall anchors (because although the rods are light, the curtains are heavy). I hung the curtains higher and wider than the doors to make them look bigger. It also keeps the curtains from blocking the doors when they are pulled open, and out of the way. It also conveniently made for less fabric to hem :)

Tip: before installing the rods and definitely before hemming, wash these curtains because they do shrink a bit (due to their 100% cotton make up). That will determine their final length.

For basic cotton curtains (ie. no fancy liners or thermal technology), they block out a fair amount of light and therefore heat. They also block out views of squirrels, bunnies and other woodland creatures. However, there are ways to bypass this as demonstrated above.

Are there other attractive 'window' treatments for sliding doors that you've seen?

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