Jul 17, 2009

Canine Conquests

This post is dedicated to the victims slain by my dogs:

  1. Tiger Cat: tortured first by whisker removal, then eye-gouging
  2. Dalmation: multiple eye excavation with the same eye
  3. Furby: tail removal, eye removal, foot removal, followed by beak removal (this was affectionately known as Karma's "baby." It came from Laconia, NH after 4 adults played a lot of skeeball to win this creature)
  4. Butterfly thing: elimination of both eyes and antenna
  5. Other Dalmation: total eye eradication
  6. Lil' Buddy: hair distress (many ways including tossed into a burning fireplace)
  7. Octo: with all those limbs it was interestingly straight gut harvesting
  8. Owl: I'm not sure why he's considered an owl, but he has suffered both eye dislocation, limb amputation, and some violent hair displacement
Conclusion: eyes are the first to go, then whiskers and hair-like extensions, then ears, then limbs, and occasionally they quit messing around go straight for the gut.

Do your furry creatures have their own special techniques?


  1. Wow... this could be the basis for a new website:

    ...it could be the icanhascheezburger of pet toys that have seen better days.

  2. This post is too cute! It reminds me of my life :).