Nov 10, 2009

House Decency - part 2

On the list was to refinish the other bar stool. That is still a work in progress right now (but nearly over!), as I just put on the final coat of polyurethane. But here is how I reupholstered the seat:

First go find fabric that tickles your fancy. I liked this punchy graphic print and thought it would stand out nicely against the newly refinished wood.

Then, I removed the staples holding the former fabric (navy blue with stripes) with a flat head screwdriver. That showed the original seat which is a stiff, off white canvas (with stains). I decided to leave this on because the pelon under the seat was attached to this. Then I staged my new fabric over the seat making sure there was enough around the edges to staple through.

Begin by stapling in the center of each side to hold it in place. Make sure that the fabric is lined up correctly (especially if you have stripes) so nothing is off center or crooked.

I recommend tucking the raw edges underneath for extra grippage and less chances for the fabric to fray.

Pull tight as you go along and take care around the corners.

Done. Now attach to your chair and have a seat!

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