Nov 24, 2009

House Decency - part 9

It may not seem like it after cutting out old drywall and putting in a new piece but raking and general cleaning outside was a lot of work. Let me list the reasons:

  1. Raking on an incline is not fun.
  2. Raking a mostly dirt area is dusty.
  3. The incline is full of not only dirt, but also little rocks.
  4. Piles of leaves and little rocks can be heavy.
  5. At the bottom of the incline is our patio. which meant it got really dirty before getting clean.
  6. Ditto for the patio furniture.
  7. It's autumn so the wind blows. Wind made plants move and therefore I got poked - make that stabbed, directly in my right eyeball by a stiff New Zealand Flax.
  8. It's autumn and the leaves won't stop dropping so it's somewhat futile. And the results are really short lived.
After all that labor, we were able to start cleaning it up:

We swept the patio. Hosed off the patio furniture. Hosed down the patio. Scrubbed the cooler.

And then I scored these door mats at Target for $2.50 each (I got 1 for each set of sliding doors). They're great because not only are they dirt cheap (pun intended) but they are wider than most mats, and the boyfriend has a thing for roosters.

The front patio required very little work. Just sweeping, moving some plants around, and placing a couple chairs and moving the coffee table under here:

We decided to hang my house number sign here. It matches the coffee table and the door. And makes sense to put it in the front of the house, right?

Does it look like a lot of effort into this? Probably not.

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