Jun 23, 2009

Paint Reliever

We had some leftover paint from our door project. Actually, I poured out too much into the paint tray, way too much.

Pouring it back into the paint can is a big no-no (especially since I was painting an exterior surface, I didn't want the debris tainting the clean paint). Tossing it would not be so environmentally responsible. And I know it wouldn't make it to the local monthly hazardous waste collection. And paint is not cheap (especially exterior paint).

So I painted an old table that the previous owners left on the back patio (it was a faded grass green before). It was forsaken, splintery, wobbly, water damaged, and destined for dismemberment and tossed into the weekly trash over the course of several weeks. But after some love, this baby is functional again and not looking too shabby either. Of course I failed to get the before shots, but here's the after:

I tightened the legs, sanded the heck out of it with the orbital sander, primed, and painted 2 coats. Now we've got something that matches the front door, spared this from the landfill, used up some leftover paint, and it's functional.

All for $0.00!

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