Jun 24, 2009

More Paint Reliever

After my door project, I had some leftover paint which became the outdoor coffee table project. From that project (surprise!) I had more leftover paint. I should really learn to gauge my paint usage better. So that became the planter project.

The previous owners left an old plastic planter that was cracked. Since I like to "save" things destined for the landfill, I attempted to bring this piece back to functionality. Sort of. I duct taped the thing, and painted the it with the leftover paint:

I wouldn't call this a permanent solution for the planter because I don't think one exists. It's plastic, it's old, it's cheap. But it was worth a shot and if I'm lucky, it'll hold a plant for a little while before totally collapsing and leaving soil everywhere. Will I regret I did this? Maybe. Does it look ghetto? Definitely. But strategically turned and placed against a wall, it passes for decent.

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