Jun 1, 2009

Crawls Under My Skin

This weekend we launched a surprise attack against an unwelcome occupant. And it was long overdue. That's right, we annihilated the creeping fig.

What's creeping fig? It's a fast-growing vine that attaches to surfaces with cat claws, going over and through anything that gets in its way for world domination. It's pure evil and no good can come of it*.

We live on a zero lot line, meaning that the houses live right on the edge of the property lines to maximize land area. So although the vine was growing up our neighbor's house, it was planted and growing from our property (with sinister intentions of taking over both the neighbor's house and our land). While others saw lush and high-maintenance greenery, I saw a future liability.

August 2008

April 2009

May 30th, 2009

A couple hours of hard work from 3 men, some power tools and a big truck (and a couple hundred dollars**) - meant my nightmares should be over. However the diabolic plant is not dead, and we were instructed not to plant anything in its place for a year.

I will be watching you fig, like a hawk. And I will win this battle, no matter what it takes.

* Denise, I dedicate this post to you. And I hope you don't value your sleep because you're about to sign up for some horrible nightmares. Consider yourself warned.

**Money may not be able to buy happiness but it can definitely rid some anxiety.


  1. Wow it's all gone. Actually our neighbour also removed the invasive vine growing against the trellis. I kind of got used to it being there but I guess it's better that it's gone as it was starting to wrap itself around my plants.

  2. The squash? I didn't realize it was invasive.

    Our yard looks in such bad shape right now. And the light reflecting off the house wall takes some getting used to. It's very strange. But invasive = evil.

  3. I miss the evil a little. =(

    Maybe you can paint some evil?

  4. There's a cardboard Book Drive box in it's place. Perhaps more duct tape? And some paw prints?

  5. The cardboard box is definitely an improvement over evil creeping fig! ;-P Rylie appreciates it!

  6. We've got more cardboard if your mom needs some. You know the dogs like it more ;-) Anything to prevent the evil greenery from being planted...