Jun 12, 2009

So Long...

Yesterday, the signage for Señor Carlos was taken down. Last night, I drank a Corona in honor of them and reflected upon the good time we had there (notice 'time' not 'times' because sadly we never made it there more than once).

Here is our only experience there (the 2nd to last night before closing):

The Eskridges

Tequila flight. This was the 'rough' one. It was mine. And good.

Salsa, pickled veggies, and tomatillo sauce
(Jesse special ordered 3 pints of the green stuff, and gave 1 to Stan.
We went through 1 pint in 2 days)

My Chile Verde
(recommended by our gracious waiter)

We closed the place down!

The restaurant is currently turning into a steak house, to be named The Rocking Steak House? Same staff, hopefully same margaritas. Most importantly, same location (down the street from us). I will provide an update and review once it reopens.

Thanks Cherie and Ryan for introducing us to the glory of this place that used to be Señor Carlos. *sniffle*


  1. tomatilloSalsa._inspired = 5000%;

  2. Aren't we all? :'(

    Your efforts in keeping the place in business are commendable. We need more Cheries in the world. Especially around awesome Mexican joints.