Nov 17, 2009

House Decency - part 4

Since we were repairing drywall using joint compound, we decided to fill in all the dings and nail holes in the walls of the rest of the house. Most of the work is the prep and clean up. And since that's unavoidable, I figure that it might as well be done everywhere because it's pretty much zero extra effort to fix up multiple imperfections, rather than one.

I like to do everything in stages. So first I go around the house with painter's tape and mark all imperfections with it:

These were some marks from the granite bar counter installation.

Some screw holes because we missed the stud when we installed this corbel, which supports the bar counter.

Something we didn't do, but had always bothered us - a big dent/chip in the texture underneath the thermostat.

Nail hole in the powder room (which never got filled in because we haven't painted any of the bathrooms, so therefore do not have any existing paint to match).

And of course the drywall repair behind the door needed several coats of paint in addition to primer to get into the nooks and crannies of the texture.

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