Oct 15, 2009

Break a Leg


This weekend Rylie broke her right tibia while jumping for a toy. She landed wrong and ended up with a spiral fracture (apparently this is possible, I asked the vet if this indicated a prior injury or underlying condition). So for less than 48 hours she had this splint/soft cast/elephantitis leg:

On Monday she had her surgery and we were able to take her home (which normally does not happen). I think she preferred recuperating at home in her own bed. Here she is with her shaved leg and butt and a smaller splint/soft cast, icing her swollen paw:

Caring for this dog is no easy task because she believes to be all better and will try to do things she shouldn't. If I so much as step away to potty, she will try to jump on the couch. This is why I haven't been posting (and may not for a while).

It's going to be a long road of recovery for this dog (what is 6-10 weeks in dog years?). Thankfully the surgeon said there should be no long term side effects as it did not affect her joints (ie. arthritis). There's much spoiling to be done to her. And lots of doting upon. Who knows, she may end up a cuddly lap dog after all this...

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