Oct 5, 2009

New Heights

Everyday I definitely appreciate all the aspects of our new kitchen. Lately, it has been our fridge. Although it is smaller than most fridges (under 20 cubic feet), it suites our needs perfectly. I love that it has french doors, so the kitchen doesn't have to be completely blocked off when one door is open. I love that I can open both doors and fit a pizza box in there (even though we've only done this once). I love how quiet it is. I love that the drawers are clear so I can see all the food I have (or lately, don't have). I love how I don't have to bend down to dig around (especially with my old lady back). I love that I can drop a bag of peas into the pull out bottom freezer. I love that we have the ice maker hooked up. And I love that I can select the ice cube size (even though I never change it). And most of all, I love that this new love of mine is no longer in the living room and has a permanent home.

Initially a new fridge was not planned. We were going to wait for our old one to die to save some money. However, since we had already ordered the base cabinets and the old fridge would no longer fit, we were forced to upgrade that too. Yeah forced. The new fridge twisted our arms.

But before the new fridge was permanently rolled into place, we had to hang the cabinets above them. We must have been so enamored with our new appliance that once again, we ordered wrong size cabinets, to go above it. Here you can see our markings for the old wall cabinet, the fridge and the new wall cabinet:

The blue chalk lines mark the studs to mount the wall cabinets onto:

I wonder if anyone will ever see those markings? I wonder if we'll sell the fridge with the house? I wonder if we'll ever move out of this house?

Everytime I open the french doors on our fridge, I forget all the hassle we went through. It was so totally worth it. Wouldn't you agree?

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