Aug 7, 2009

Ice Ice Baby!

We've finally installed the water line to the ice maker in the freezer. We now can enjoy non-lukewarm drinks at a moment's notice! Here's how to do it:

Step 1: Obtain sufficient length of piping (copper, plastic, or braided metal).

I do not suggest plastic because it is not as durable and could burst. No way I'm letting that happen to our new flooring and cabinets. We went with braided metal due to its flexibility and the need to run it around our U-shaped kitchen.

Step 2: Gather various plumbing tools (wrench, teflon tape).

Step 3: Hook up the aforementioned piping to water source, using aforementioned tools.

Step 4: Run piping underneath cabinets until you reach the back of your fridge.

We haven't installed our toe kick yet, but if it's there you'll have to remove it. We also had to daisy chain 2 lines to get the proper length. We also missed going behind one of the cabinet feet. Ignore that.

Step 5: Turn on your ice maker. Wait a few hours. Make a nice cold cocktail and enjoy! (We like Cape Codders ourselves, they're quite refreshing)

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