Aug 14, 2009

On the Receiving End

My dad recently went on a trip to China. He had a great time, saw wonderful things, took lots of photos, and got me some gifts (you are never too old to receive fun packages):

2 shirts, a bag of peanut/tea candy (not sure what I think of that flavor combination yet), a beaded bracelet, a pearl bracelet, and a pearl pendant. He bought the pearls from an area reknowned for their pearls. He was told that the same company is getting a special chocolate pearl ready as a gift for President Obama's visit in November.

On the inside of the yellow shirt there was a little poem (which I've never seen before):

Love Blooms
Just Like a Magic Plower
Comes to Life

That's right, Magic Plower.

I'm off to search all my clothes for hidden poems and messages. Meanwhile, I'm going to put this one on and see what happens to me...

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