Aug 31, 2009

A Dog's Life

Last weekend we went to our annual flyball (and other dog sports) party. With the dogs of course!

Dog sports girls* gone wild!

Dog sports girls gone wild!

Queue, the typical adolescent male. You are seeing correctly. He is indeed doing pelvic thrusts on my sweet innocent little Karma..!

Kebabs for dinner, tasty!

Then we self entertained with hours and hours of karaoke. Hours. We left at 3 am. Did I mention hours of karaoke?

It was a fun day for all. And it was especially a fun day if you were a dog. Everyone was pooped (yep I just made a poo pun).

Thanks again Helen and Jim for a great time and being terrific hosts!

*except for Porter of course. He couldn't resist giving Donna some love, she's the wildest one of the bunch.

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