Apr 30, 2009

Rock On!

Home Depot is having a promotion on select granite. So we put an order in last night and going to put a deposit down tonight. We're going with Sapphie Jolie. Grade B at less than Grade A prices! And free edging!

So if you happen to need at least 50 SF of granite, run (don't walk) to Home Depot.

You're welcome.

1 comment:

  1. Update: We've been informed that 2 upscale homes in Malibu have put in (big) orders for the same granite. This is cool because:

    1. We will have the same counters as the severely rich

    2. Everyone's looking for a good deal, this confirms this is just as awesome as we thought

    3. We definitely got our (small) order in before any large orders came (and continue to come - this promotion is as long as supplies last)