Apr 22, 2009


There were too many problems with our old kitchen to list (maybe for a future post if I feel ambitious, it's a long list). But one of them was the asymmetry and off-centered layout in the 8' x 8' square space. A big no-no.
  1. The area to the right of the stove created an odd corner size for the counter
  2. The drawers on the right wall couldn't fully open, it would hit the handle of the range
  3. It just looked awkward
So we centered the new kitchen plan, it's hip to be square right? We planned to replace the old nasty oven hood with a shiny new over-the-range microwave. However, we discovered on Sunday that we couldn't hook up the new vent to the old vent location because we didn't want the ducts to go through the new cabinets (we need all the space we can get). So we'll just have the vent circulate indoors. And luckily we have two big sliding doors in case we really need serious ventilation.

I patched up and sealed the old vent so critters and debris wouldn't come in from the exterior. We documented the fun for y'all here.

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