Apr 16, 2009

Painting the Town Red (or the kitchen Wheat Bread)

We finished the final coat of primer so we were finally able to paint (the order goes: drywall, clean, mud, tape, mud, sand, clean, prime, texture, sand, clean, prime, paint!). I also went ahead and painted a test area in the soffit Wheat Bread. I like the effect so I'll just go ahead and finish the other edges and do touch ups. Take a peek.

We're really pleased with the progress. The texture paint turned out so much better than we expected. Can you detect any of the seams?

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  1. Update 5.3.09: After living with the painted soffit for a few weeks, I've decided to go back to the flat white, I didn't like the sheen of the eggshell finish of the Wheat Bread, pics to come soon.