Apr 13, 2009

Easter Eggs

We hope everyone had a nice holiday weekend, it afforded us a flyball-free weekend full of house work (sorry doggies). Photos here.

We completed applying the joint tape and compound, sanded, primed, and texturized to match the rest of the house, and painted the soffit and ceiling. It doesn't seem like we accomplished that much because mud, primer and texture paint take a long time to dry. We thought we'd have down time waiting for everything to dry, but there's always something to do. So we changed the oil in the car, tied a slouching plant to a trellis, mowed the grass for the second time ever, and cleaned the house since it was covered in dust.

Tip: spray knock-down texture is expensive and extremely messy, go for for smooth texture paint, you'll have much better control and a lot less mess. Don't forget to prime first!

During the week we'll get the walls sanded, primed, and painted. However we are absolutely done with the soffit! I think. I have an idea to paint the soffit to match the wall color (Wheat Bread) but a little nervous to do so, I'm going to think that over. Feel free to weigh in!

I had a meeting with colleagues for a few hours yesterday and came home to the perfect home cooked dinner: spaghetti (cooked on the grill, so yes it is possible)! And I'm not being facetious. Our diet simulates a college student's lately (including ramen). It's been a while since we've been able to cook pasta!

And to celebrate the holiday, we hid an Easter egg in our kitchen behind the dishwasher (see photo above). I wonder who'll find it and when? Tee hee.

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