Sep 2, 2009

Low-hanging Fruit

My dirty little secret is that as much as I hate creeping fig, I actually did retain some of it. On an area which seems manageable, contained to a wall. But a little part of me still wishes I had it removed with the rest of the evil stuff.

Recently I noticed something different:

Do you see it? Here's a close up:

It's fruit. A fig to be exact. Creeping figs bear fruit? I thought they were just planted for their climbing vine ability. Or to make future owners of the property angry.

Does anyone know if this is edible?


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  2. Look at you all secretive about the creeping fig! The fruit is not edible.

  3. Really? Bummer. Is it toxic? It looks just like regular edible fig, what's the difference?

  4. I don't believe they're toxic but I don't think that they ever get "ripe."