Sep 10, 2009

Heavy Metal

Earlier this year, we discovered a surprise relic on top of our (rather new) water heater:

(shown above on our garage work bench)

The timing was perfect - right during our kitchen remodel. I have no clue how old these are, or which previous owner they belonged to, but these snippers have definitely come in handy.

Did they belong to the previous owner (who lived here only 5 years yet perhaps gave these constant use), the owners before them? Or those before them? Or maybe they were left by the water heater installer?

And the saying definitely rings true here, they don't make things like they used to! These bad boys cut through a tin can like its butter. They're indestructible.

Have you found any useful or interesting relics, memorabilia, or treasures in your home? And yes, tools count!


  1. When I smashed though a wall the other day, I found a large glass coke bottle. It's funny because my home was built in the early 1980's and I'm pretty sure most people drank from cans in those days...

  2. That's awesome! I hope you saved it. And I wonder how it got in there?

  3. I found some old bottles and cans in the garden when we were having it landscaped. There were some vintage 7UP bottles and cans as well as beer cans. Looks like the prior occupants liked to party haha.

  4. That's right! I hope you still have them, it's like a part of your home's history. If only walls could talk...