Sep 4, 2009

Zero in

This week was a milestone for Misti (if you don't know what Misti is, read post below). Her odometer went from a 5 to a 6-digit figure (sadly, this is probably the only kind of 6 digit figure I will ever know):

Some interesting stuff:
  • In scientific notation, this is written as 105.
  • In the Irish Language, Ceád Mile Fáilte (pronounced: KAY-ed MEE-luh FOIL-cha) is a popular greeting meaning "A Hundred Thousand Welcomes".
  • In Vietnamese, Thai, and Lao, there is a separate word for this number
  • A 100 year old person is known as a centenarian, so what is it called for a car that has reached 100,000?
  • This is my 100th blog post! Is there a word for that? Centenlog?
Is it unusual that I wanted to see this moment? Or is it more unusual that I photographed this? Or is it more unusual that I personify my car? Do you wonder where I was when this happened? Did you notice that I was at 0 mph in the photo? Have you noticed that Miles is going 0 mph as well, in the movie Sideways, when he is doing his crossword puzzle on his way to Jack's? Are you still reading this?

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