May 27, 2009

Eastern IHOP

A couple weeks ago, we were introduced to the world of Japanese pancakes (properly called Okonomiyaki) by our flyball friends Cindy and Wayne.

We went to Gaja in Torrance and arrived in style in their spiffy new Honda Element. We were the very first passengers to experience the new car smell so we've got bragging rights, at least over their dogs.

It's a casual cuisine, where you are served the ingredients in a bowl (meat is pre-cooked for you) and you cook your own pancakes on the griddle in front of you. I love food and getting to interact with it was totally my thing.

And afterwards, they took us to my favorite Japanese market, Nijiya. I got all kinds of goodies to take home in addition to my leftovers. And some much needed ingredients (a BIG bottle of soy sauce, and pickled leeks of course). It was a great way to kick off the weekend!

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