May 18, 2009

Birds Eye View

This past Saturday we went to a Doves concert. These are all the photos that I got the whole night:



Although I show no proof, it was a great concert, impressive sounds and a great set list spanning 4 albums. And because we sat in the mezzanine, I enjoyed the absence of ringing post show. I wanted to enjoy the opening band because they were from New Hampshire, (remember my roots!) but sadly, it just was not possible.

I went with 3 audiophiles, including 1 who has become infamous for his inability to enjoy live music (no names will be mentioned however it rhymes with Lion Sucker), who dare I say appeared to be enjoying himself!

We started the evening off with Dave at our place, enjoyed some Two Buck* and some grilling, and finished the night with spending 30 minutes for some grub at IN-N-OUT, with sprinklings of an embarrassed chick vomiting in the lobby of the venue and awkward highschool prom goers in their braces-and-acne adolescent glory.

An interesting Saturday night for sure.

Sidenote: Wild Light if you are reading this, please no more tight white jeans (they look like long johns). And don't prance around on stage in them. Quite honestly, your music doesn't call for prancing. Perhaps a more appropriate career match could be found here.

*Dave if you are reading this, you have officially entered my inner circle. Along with anyone who comes over and insists on a glass of ol' Chucky.

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