Nov 10, 2010

Window Shopping

We have been window shopping (literally) because we are getting NEW WINDOWS! I am not sure if I have mentioned before that our windows are original to our 1973 house, which means they have been around longer than my parents have been in this country!

Here are photos of our current windows from the exterior:

And a close up on the interior:

And here's how I've dealt with them for the past 2 years:

Unfortunately the new retrofits won't cover this stuff up so we'll have to finally address it:

We measured all 9 of our windows last week. We are planning to get 3 casements, 7 side sliding, and 1 picture window. So we are replacing all 9 windows in our home. And if you're crunching the numbers you'll see that it looks like I do funny math but we are upgrading our old windows while we're at it - adding 3 casements. And that doesn't add up either because 2 of the casements are going in 1 window. Y'all are keeping me accountable!

Why are we replacing our windows? Why don't we want to stay in the 70's with our old aluminum frames that rock back and forth instead of slide? Well here is the number one reason, but also because there's a Federal Tax Credit for Consumer Energy Efficiency that expires at the end of this year. That's in a little over a month. We love to wait until the last minute (and Rylie breaking her leg last year didn't help the matter either)...

Anyway, with the tax credit, you get 30% of the cost (not including labor and installation) back up to $1500. Reaching that $1500 max is no problem when you're doing an entire house. And if you plan on getting new windows, just go ahead and do the whole house - everything will match and labor will be quicker/easier/cheaper. And you have to get qualifying windows (but why wouldn't you? The ones that don't qualify must suck). Just be sure to file tax form 5695 with your 2010 return, and keep a copy of your manufacturer's certification statement for your records (a signed statement from the manufacturer certifying that their product qualifies for this credit which can be found on their website).

So much research to do - what brand? Vinyl? Grids? Casements? Egress? Tempered? Hinges on which sides? And THE biggest question is - DIY or get 'er done by professionals or a combination of the two? Suggestions?

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