Nov 17, 2010

Window Opportunity

Here was our list of pros and cons to help us come to this decision:

Pros of DIY:
  1. all money goes towards the windows, which means we can get top of the line windows
  2. top of the line windows would obviously qualify for the energy efficiency tax credit
  3. after this project, we'd know how to install windows
  4. $400 off right off the bat by opening 2 new Home Depot credit cards
  5. rental of truck is pretty cheap (we get first hour free with the Home Depot credit card)
  6. rental of scaffolding is pretty cheap (like $70 a week)
Cons of DIY:
  1. rental of a vehicle to pick up the windows
  2. rental of extra tall ladders and scaffolding
  3. need tons of caulk to seal around the windows, and other finishing touches
  4. disposing old windows
  5. we have a 2 story house
  6. I'm not very big or strong
  7. if we broke or dropped a window, that's a lot of money wasted
  8. if we broke or dropped a window, that's several weeks until a replacement arrives (and see #1 of this list)
  9. we're going into rainy season
Pros of pros (professionals):
  1. the windows they offer qualify for the energy efficiency tax credit
  2. we sign the dotted line and they do everything in 1 day
  3. we instantly free up a lot of time by not having to study up on this and making several hundred trips to the hardware store
  4. we instantly free up a lot of time by not planning to do this on nights and weekends
  5. they guarantee their labor
  6. they have all the proper permits and know all the current city codes and laws
  7. we don't have to source tools or ladders
  8. we don't have to worry about how to get the new windows here
  9. we don't have to worry about how to get rid of the old windows
Cons of pros (professionals):
  1. it costs a lot more
  2. they will see our messy house
So as you can see by my lists above (or by the photo), we decided to get 'er done by the pros.

When they came to give us a free quote, they informed us that our city's new laws require all windows to be tempered glass, and they have all the appropriate permits that are apparently required to do this job. We didn't know about any of this.

We got a quote and it seemed reasonable, at less than double the price of DIY, for better windows (rated #1 by J.D. Power and Associates), with an awesome warranty - a double lifetime warranty. What's that? It means that the warranty carries over to the next homeowners as well. And it covers accidental breakage. And we can use our Home Depot credit card to finance this super blingy job.

This was all music to my ears.

So we offered him leftover Halloween candy, signed on the dotted lines, and handed over our plastic.


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