Sep 7, 2010

Master Bath D-Day 4

If you remember from previous photos, we have 2 large wall mounted mirrors in the master bathroom. They are not mounted with little plastic brackets, they are held onto the wall directly with adhesive. Well not anymore! Here is what you'll need:
  • work gloves
  • contact paper
  • thick wire
  • patience

First we covered the mirror with the thickest contact paper we could find. Tape just wouldn't cut it here. It reinforces the mirror and also keeps shards at bay if it breaks.

Then holding the wire taut, slowly run between the mirror and the wall. In our case this method didn't work that well as it just got gunked up with adhesive but still try it anyway.

In the end we just slowly pried and pulled the mirror off the wall directly:

It worked with one mirror but not entirely with the other:

I'm thinking of salvaging the broken mirror by cutting it down to window size and inserting into a window frame. Or building a frame out of molding and attaching to the mirror. Suggestions?

1 comment:

  1. I have two bathroom mirrors stored in my garage right now... so you can see that I don't have the best ideas for you :). I think using a window frame could be a great solution!