Jul 30, 2010

Master Bath D-Day 2

Master Bath D-Day 1 is here. Technically it occurred last year so maybe it was more like Day 0.5. But this post is about demolition, so we won't worry about the details ok?

First, we cleared out the bathroom:

Can you believe we stored all that stuff? Are we that high maintenance? I swear I'm not one to use products on my face or in my hair. I just buy things in bulk like toothbrushes and bars of soap.

Then we removed the drawers in the built in sink vanity:

Ready for one of the grossest things you'll ever see on this blog?

Yep, that's about half a decade's worth of hair. Someone ELSE's hair. [Insert shudder here. Repeat.]

Then we unscrewed the pseudo-built in vanity from the wall:

And removed it completely:

Next we removed the sink:

Here's a shot of the under side of the counter top (I think it's original to the house):

Here is after the sink vanity removal:

Then we drained the toilet and removed the tank and eventually the toilet as well (although I only got a shot of the tank removal):

What makes this worse than the kitchen demolition is that it is upstairs. Imagine carrying a toilet downstairs. And a sink with a counter top attached. And the vanity...

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