Sep 2, 2010

A Fig Deal

Last week we were invited to a fig party by my friends April and Hiro. They have 2 mature fig trees and it's fig season! Here's some food porn from the party:


Bruschetta and crostini

Port and fig reduction with Brie

Fondue cheese being whisked

Bread with yummy melty fondue cheese

Simmering sauce for Moroccan braised chicken

Moroccan braised chicken with turmeric rice and grilled vegetables

Bacon-wrapped fig with jalapeño oil (ready to be popped in the oven)

Bacon-wrapped fig with jalapeño oil (most have been scarfed down)

Bacon wrapped fig with jalapeño oil (the close up)

Freshly fried pork tenderloin egg rolls stuffed with fig jam

Pork tenderloin egg rolls stuffed with fig jam, drizzled with a balsamic reduction sauce (again, most have been wolfed down before I got a photo, see a pattern here?)

Fig tart (dried fig, pecan, and lemon zest stuffed puff pastry, a spin-off from Baklava)

Red velvet cupcakes (store bought, but yummy so who cares!)

And fresh picked home grown figs for guests to take home

I have never seen such creative use of figs. Well done Hiro and April! I don't know much about figs but they are nothing like Fig Newtons that I ate as a kid. This is my kind of party. If you've got ideas for what to do with the figs I took home, please send them along!

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