Aug 17, 2010

Great Balls and Fire

There's a flyball tournament coming up and I'm on ball washing duty. So here's what I'm armed with:

(vinegar, unscented soap, bleach)

Don't forget the rubber gloves if you're lucky enough to have dry skin like me (trust me, bleach and eczema are not a good combo). It also protects my hands from using the hottest water my faucet has to offer. And wash the buckets too. And then dump the dirty water into the toilet (you don't want the grass clippings, dirt, mud, rocks to go down your tub drain).

Then I rinsed like it was going out of style. Then I rinsed again with vinegar. Then again with water. Because if there is a hint of anything on them and the dogs don't take the ball, you know who's going to be blamed!

Then I set them out in the cleaned out kiddie pool to dry out in the sun. The sun also zaps the germs. So plan on doing this on a really sunny day.

The dogs are confused.

The dogs are tempted.

Oh but wait until I take these balls indoors tomorrow to mark our team name on them! These girls will be thoroughly confused. And tempted some more.

And after the back breaking work of washing balls in the tub (which brought back old memories), and then hauling them downstairs, I tried to make some well earned breakfast:

Today is not going to be a good day.


  1. Ok I just wash them in the washer! It's way easier!! lol

  2. For some reason I thought they couldn't go in the washer or dryer? That's why I bought (not cheap) special unscented soap...

  3. We just wash them with Tide and sometimes a lil bit of bleach.... then rewash them again with nothing... then usually put them in the kiddy pool to dry outside because they're so loud in the dryer! But yes they can go through the washer and dryer!

  4. Of course I do it the hard way. Any tips on not setting your breakfast on fire? ;-)