Aug 25, 2010

Bug Out

This morning Karma the dog took interest in a flying insect in our hallway. We quickly had to evict him because Rylie the dog has a habit of eating (or trying to eat) these. Or maybe she thinks it's a game and is only playing with them. Which is cute until she gets stung.

After he was caught, we thought "man this guy is large":

And then we thought "man this thing has a weird body":

All while taking photos of course.

After comparing photos with internet research, I've come to the conclusion that it is a Black and Yellow Mud Dauber. See for yourself, here and here.

They are "thread waisted" and "solitary" wasps. Such weird terms. But befitting for a weird looking bug. No idea where it's mud nest is, maybe in the toilet tank sitting in our hallway?

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