Mar 30, 2010

Raw Deal

Last week I went to Ralph's and came home with all this:

For only this:

And saved this:

What does one do with all that pasta sauce and black olives and over ripe bananas? Make pizza! And banana bread!

Actually I planned on making banana bread but made Banana-Walnut Chocolate Chunk cookies instead, and they were great. And the rest of the bananas got sliced up and stuck in the freezer.

I mean $11 doesn't even halfway fill up my crappy car's tank. Was that a score or what?


  1. Ever heard of this?

  2. I've heard of it but never tried. Is it worth the membership?

  3. We used to do the grocery game.. the problem we found is that is that a lot of the items that were such good deals were things that we never ate anyways.